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Foamie Soft Juggling Rings

Foamie Soft Juggling Rings

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They said it couldn't be done, a soft juggling ring is just impossible. Juggling rings are beautiful, but painful to learn and hard on the hands. So we got to work making prototypes throughout the pandemic lockdown and emerged with the first ever soft foam juggling ring.

Made from a very high tear strength flexible polyurethane, the foam is molded around a 32cm flexible plastic core ring. The result is a juggling ring with many of the great features of the foamie club, easy on the hands and quiet juggling (and drops!)

Our foamie juggling rings weigh in around 210 grams, heavier than a thin plastic ring, but still lighter than most juggling clubs. This makes them great for 3 or 4 ring juggling, and better outside in a light breeze than plastic. The added weight and grip of the foam helps with balance moves and body rolls.

The same great color choices are available as with the foamie clubs, and all colored dyes contain UV protection to help mitigate fading in the sun. We even have some florescent colors available!

All rings priced per each.

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