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Foamie Soft Juggling Clubs

Foamie Soft Juggling Clubs

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Our all-foam "Foamies" juggling clubs are made from the highest quality flexible polyurethane. The handle is a high density foam much like an office chair arm rest, and the body is a softer foam with an exceptionally strong tear strength. A flexible, unbreakable dowel fuses all of it together resulting in a very well balanced juggling club that plays well with all other popular clubs on the market.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how quiet they are to juggle. (and drop!) Well suited for indoors, over hardwood floors, and apartments with downstairs neighbors. Jugglers have reporting being able to practice in places they never could before with hard plastic clubs.

Most juggling clubs weigh in around 220 to 240 grams. Our foamies come in around 195 to 200 grams, making them much easier on your arms and shoulders. If hard plastic clubs are starting to feel heavy to you or hurt your hands, give foamies a try!

This is the 3rd generation of molding processes for the beloved foamies. The master molds are created from a tightly engineered CNC process resulting in the the finest foam juggling club we have ever created. All colored dyes contain UV protection to help mitigate fading in the sun, and all white handles and bodies have UV reactant additive for the brightest white possible. We even have some florescent colors available!

 All clubs priced per each.

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