10 ring practice

December 15, 2009

I took the camera to juggling practice today. Last week I practiced 10 rings for 20 minutes of my workout every day and I felt solid and consistent day after day. However, my hands needed a break over the weekend, because that’s really a pounding. I had several good flashes of 10 and 12 catches, but the one I posted was the cleanest gather. All gathered on my arms and not bunched up in my hands.  Soon after I had 14 throws that ended in a knuckle buster as I gathered them, so that ended the ring practice for the day.

A few years ago I couldn’t do this inside a racquetball court because I needed more height, but with drills and weight training I’ve gotten my hand speed up.

When I’m getting consistently closer to 20 catches (a-sync) I’ll film my practice again. I’m getting close, as 10 – 14 catches several times a practice has been the norm. Who knows though, the next 2 throws are a bit rushed, so I haven’t been getting those 16 catches regularly yet.

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