Juggling Champion

By holding 16 Gold Medals from International Competition, a Guiness and World Almanic Record Holder, Juggling the Longest with the Most Things is what makes Scott Sorensen a Superjuggler!

Versatile Performer

From sports half-time shows to keynote speaking to local festivals, Scott entertains anytime, anywhere.

3 Decades of Excellence

From the day Scott learned to juggle he turned to the wisdom and lessons of the great performers of the art form. He has followed their training techniques to develop his own unique and masterful style.

Life is Juggling

Being a juggler you form a special relationship with the laws of physics. It's almost as if you know a secret that few people know and yet has been in front of them their entire lives. Then you share that secret and it comes alive. Whereas when a magician shares his secrets the trick is spoiled, but when the juggler reveals the trick then it becomes real and that's where real magic is born! Time and gravity are no longer just concepts or ideas but real things to be experienced, a sandbox to play in. Now you are a creator and your canvas is without limit.

"I didn't know human beings could do that!"

- Stunned Audience Member